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Loving Life #2

continuation of my last blog, on my first day I pretty much just sat in a clinic with the doctor and observed him and his interactions with his patients. It was a slow day but helpful. The next day started off with going on rounds in the different wards. The doctors and interns here started to warm up to me and the other students and so they actually were talking us through what the patient has, why this patient is getting so and so treatment etc. The doctors and interns are also fine with letting us students perform procedures if we wanted to. I haven't gained enough confidence yet to do anything but I think my time will come shortly. I also scrubbed into my first surgery today just to observe. This is probably going to be too much information for a lot of you so if you don't want to read what it was just skip down a few lines and continue reading from there haha. It was a female with a rectal/vaginal fistula (google it) and the area was infected...all i can say is bad news. It was pretty gnarly and the doctors just cleaned out the area for now. They had to also do a diverting colostomy for her so to decrease her risk of infecting the area more. It was cool to finally see a colostomy performed because as a CNA I had a lot of residents that had a colostomy done and I always wondered how they did it, then I saw the procedure happen right before my eyes...pretty awesome. One thing that I was pretty bummed about was that the surgery ward is not performing any of their major surgeries until the World Cup is over. The World Cup ends on Sunday and I change to the pediatrics ward on Monday so I wont be able to see any of the crazy surgeries they have scheduled. Today was a very slow day, we just went on rounds just like normal and nothing too exciting happened. One of my fellow students did an HIV test on someone and that was the first time I have seen one of those tests before. This patient tested positive for HIV and it was pretty heart breaking when I saw the results come up. It is one of those things though that HIV is so prevalent the doctors and interns told me since the first day I started that you just have to assume that everyone that comes in to the hospital has HIV. It is sad, but true. After that I went home and took a nap because I am actually back at the hospital right now in the computer lab. Its 4:50 am!! I worked yesterday from 8am-3 and now I am back and on call in Casualties (their name for the ER) and have been here since 9pm and I'm staying here til 8am. Quite a long day but its been a good day. Not much is actually going on in the ER as you can tell since I'm on the computer haha. No crazy traumas have come in yet, but one of the students and I went over to the maternity ward where I saw 2 women give birth! It was so awesome to watch because they have those shows on TV like A Baby Story or whatever where I've kind of seen a birth happen but it was so much better seeing it in person! What is crazy is that most of these women do not receive epidurals or anything, they just handle the pain. I know that I would not be able to handle the pain! After hearing those women scream and seeing how much pain they were in they definitely made me not want to have kids for a very very very long time haha. I am thinking that the next time I'm in that ward I'm going to try and help with the delivery cause that would be way cool. Probably what I enjoyed the most about the maternity ward is seeing all the cute babies!! There were about 6 that were still in the maternity ward and not in the nursery yet so I was able to hang out with them for a little bit. I couldn't get over how adorable they were, I was about the grab one and run out with it haha. After that I went back and stopped for a tea break with some of the doctors. Yes, the doctors actually stop and have a tea break multiple times during the day. No matter how busy the hospital is, the doctors somehow always find time to stop for a tea break. Now I'm here in the computer lab....this weekend the group of students and I are going to be going to the Oribi Gorge where there is a lot of beautiful hikes and scenery so I'm really excited for that. Looking forward to a great weekend so I'll try to keep you all updated when I get back. Have a great weekend!!

Abby :)

Posted by mertzabby 19:25

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Abby - what an experience - and it has just begun! Between you and your Aunt Becky's blog - the rest of us can travel the world without leaving our computer - but not as much fun nor tasty.

by GrannyM

Holy Moley, thats getting right into it...

by MertzTBPM

Sounds SOO awesome Abby! Hope your having a great time and I miss you back here in OREGON! Hope to talk to you soon. Love you!


by nicolep

Wow! The things you are getting to observe! It must be fascinating. However, I hope Granny was referring to my blog when she mentioned the word "tasty" since the word "tasty" definitely did NOT come o mind when I read this last post of yours! :)

Speaking of food....tell us what you've been eating!

by rmertz

Becky - yes, I was referring to your blog about being "tasty" although I am sure you, Abby, may be trying out some different foods. Any new and unusual, for us, dishes?

by GrannyM

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