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The 1st Weekend Part Two

So continuing on, after the Echo Valley Tour we ended up heading back home and since it was a Saturday night we had to go out on the town! We went to Florida Road which my host sister likes to call the "Hollywood" of Durban. People for the most part are more formal and dressed up here (a lot different from Corvallis! haha) and there are so many bars and clubs to meet anyone's needs. We started out at a place called The Booty Bar haha. It was a good time, we hung out and watched the 3rd place World Cup game there. It was a very exciting game! Some people were so excited and into it that a fight started between a German fan and a Uruguay fan haha. A few punches were thrown but eventually the fight was broken up and things were back to normal haha. I met a lot of people while I was there because everyone is so friendly! First I met a guy from San Francisco, the first American I've met since I've been here, and he was nice. Just a die hard soccer fan that traveled out here alone just to follow the World Cup. Then I met my first South African friend, it was a girl from Durban and I couldn't pronounce her name so she told me just to call her Sposh for short haha. But she was so nice and she introduced me to her fiance and like 6 of her other friends. They were all really nice and they bought me a drink which was sweet! Her and her friends thought I was fun and so they want me to hang out with them again. I think I would have a great time if I hung out with them again so hopefully that happens soon. And for those of you (relatives) that might be a little nervous that I go and hand out with random South African people, I'll be sure to bring someone from my group with me just so I'm not alone :). After we left The Booty Bar we headed to a club called The Uniform and this is where we broke it down on the dance floor haha. I do not like the bouncer there though cause we asked about the club and were wondering how many people were in there and of course he said "oh yea there are a lot of people up there"....he was wrong haha. But I guess thats what a bouncer is supposed to say if they want to have any business, he sure fooled us. When we got up there we were a little upset that there were not as many people there but we had to make the best out of it cause we did have to pay a cover charge to get in. The DJ was playing great music so we all just jumped in the middle of the dance floor and started dancing. We got some weird looks but no one cared. We had fun! I think we were there for an hour or so then we left to another bar called Cubana. This place was packed! It wasn't a club, it had two sides to it; a bar and a sit down restaurant area. After like 20 minutes we were able to get a table and we just hung out for a while. That was our last stop of the night.

On Sunday we got up and headed to the beach because we thought it was going to be a nice day...it ended up being really windy and cold :( but we stayed there anyways and had lunch outside right on the beach and we ended up seeing a whale!!! It was way cool, we saw it breach/breech? (I dont know how to spell it) and that was awesome...never seen that before. After that we all headed back to good ol' Suncoast Casino but instead of gambling we went to the movies. Originally we were going to see Toy Story 3 but it already started so we went and saw a movie called I love you Phillip Morris. It has Jim Carrey in it and it was just a very odd movie. If you've seen it you know what I am talking about haha. After that we ended up heading to Buccaneers bar to watch the World Cup finals (Go Spain!).

And that was my first weekend in South Africa :) Can't complain too much!

Posted by mertzabby 23:56

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No, Abby, you definitely can't complain at all about your first weekend in South Africa! How fun!

And I'm going to have to leave the worrying to Granny, because this relative isn't nervous about you hanging out with your new South African friends. Getting to know some locals is one of the best parts about traveling! I'm not at all surprised that they thought you were fun and want to hang out again. :)

Take care and thanks for the update! (Go Spain!)

by rmertz

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