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Garden Route and Others

Garden Route adventures and work

So this past weekend I went on the garden route and it was a blast! My program coordinators took four of us out on the trip and they have been doing this for years so they knew all the fun places to go. We left at 5:15am so we could get an early start. The first stop we made was at the Cango Caves and we did some spelunking and crawling around in there. It was a lot of fun cause we were sliding down and under and through all sorts of crazy spots. There was this one tunnel called the postbox and we had to slide into it and out of it face first so it was just like we were a letter being sent haha. Then there was the Tunnel of Love and the Devils Chimney. The Devils Chimney was very narrow and that too a little wiggling and power to get through but I made it! After that we went to an ostrich farm. It is crazy cause on the garden route you just see hundreds and hundreds of ostriches. At the farm I was able to pet ostriches, feed them, I got a hug from one, I saw a dwarf ostrich which was pretty neat, I got a neck massage from a bunch of ostriches (ill post a video of it when i have the chance, its pretty great), and then i finally rode one!! Riding an ostrich was so awesome. I couldnt stop laughing, i just enjoyed myself so much. We went and had dinner after then went back to the hotel and watched the sunset on the beach...so beautiful. The next day we got up early and went zip lining in the African canopy...it was way cool There were 10 different slides and it was great. After that I went bungee jumping!!!!!! It was on the Bloukran bridge and it is the worlds highest bungee bridge jump. I was able to post a photo album on facebook because i bought a picture cd of my jump when i was there so everyone should check it out!!! It was so great...probably the coolest thing I have ever done and I loved every minute of it :) After the bungee we headed to Knysna elephant park and i was able to pet the elephants, feed them, kiss them, hug them..it was so great. The babies were so adorable! After that we went on a sunset cruise and just had a few drinks and watched the sunset...again, so beautiful. The last day we went to a private game reserve and so i went on another safari. it was still really awesome! I saw lions this time! Whats really funny is that these lions are so spoiled that they were a little chubby but they were still cute. All in all this weekend was so jam packed and so fun!!

For work, I put up my first IV's and scrubbed into my first surgery!! The surgery was a guy with 4 sebaceous cysts on his face. Pretty gnarly. They were oozing and puss was going everywhere and it smelt pretty bad but it was still cool being next to the surgeon and helping out!!! I went on my first overnight call at this hospital too which was fun. I worked for 32 hours straight with a little bit of a nap time in the middle. I was pretty tired but it was a great learning experience.

Not much time left at this internet cafe but thats a little update. Everything is going well and i wish i could write more about work and all the cool and fun things that i have seen and done. Only two weeks left in south africa and that makes me sad :( but im still excited to go home and see everyone when i get back!!


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