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Week 2

Pediatrics and Durban fun

What a week it has been! I was in the pediatric ward this week and it was a great time but there really wasn't much to do besides go on rounds with the doctors for an hour in the morning. The pediatrics ward had a good amount of patients and the majority of these kids were either HIV positive, had TB, meningitis, or a combination of any of those. I had a great time in the pediatric ward cause all these kids were so cute! There is one girl that we met on monday and she was ready to be discharged so she was all over the place and wanted to play with me and the other students. To keep her entertained me and her had a mini dance party haha. She's the cutest thing ever. I wanted to take her home with me haha. I have videos from later on in the week of her dancing and singing to Waka Waka that ill try and put up soon! Besides going on rounds there really wasn't much for me and the other students to do which was pretty disappointing but I had a great experience there anyways. It still killed me though seeing how sick a lot of those children were :(

On tuesday after work the gang and I went to a place called Victoria Street Market which was this really cool shopping area in downtown Durban. I bought a really cool painting and a couple gifts for some friends. While we were walking back to the car one of my friends got his vuvuzela stolen by this crazy man who was most likely on drugs. It was really odd that this happened cause it was mid day and the sun was still out but as much as my friend wanted to fight back it was probably the best that he didnt. He's pretty bummed about his vuvuzela being gone though.

On wednesday it was a normal day in pediatrics, not much going on. After work my roomie and I decided to go over to some of the guys in our programs house to play a card game that is pretty popular among the South Africans, it is called Casino. Learning new games comes pretty easy to me but this game is its own breed. It was so hard to learn!! and I don't think ill ever get a grasp of this game. It was a lot of fun though! After we played some card games a few of us wanted to go out on the town for a couple beers. We originally wanted to go to a local bar called Siberia which is right down the street but for some reason it was closed so we went to Buccaneers instead. It was totally the right choice cause it was Karaoke night!!!! We had no idea it was karaoke night so it was a great surprise. We had a blast! Maybe too much fun haha. We sang some great songs; ABC, Bennie and the Jets, mmbop...the list wouldve been longer but karaoke ended at midnight :( we closed the bar down though at 2 and made a few friends at the bar. It was definitely a fantastic time and we are going again next Wednesday!!! Any suggestions on what songs I should sing????

Thursday was again another slow day at work, we actually were able to take a nap and we did so in the library...the librarians were not too excited about that one haha. After work my roommate and I decided to do laundry for the first time since we've been here. Normally that would not be anything out of the ordinary but our family does not have a washer or dryer because they broke a while back and they havent been fixed so we hand wash everything in the bathtub and hang them outside to dry! What an experience haha. I have videos and photos of this great experience, our host mom and maid are laughing at us the whole time haha. My host mom tried to video us but it came out as about 8 different videos, I dont think my mom really knew how my camera worked, but at least there is documentation lol. It is a lot of work hand washing things!!!! I am not a fan. I have more of an appreciation for the washing machine now haha. After laundry we went to Gateway mall which they say is the biggest mall in all of Africa and they are probably right, its huge!! It was a beautiful mall too. After walking around and eating the best pasta I have every had (linguine calamari) I went home cause I was super tired and not feeling too hot and ended up passing out at about 9.

Friday was the last day in Pediatrics. We went on rounds then basically played with the kids the rest of the time. I took a lot of pictures and videos too. We got picked up around 1 then a guy in our program who has been to Durban a few times invited us to the BAT centre which is a bar/club located on Wilson's Wharf, and it hosts a lot of little concerts in it. Tonight there was a Zulu band called Ntombemhlophe Namawele and it was way cool watching them! They were amazing and I loved watching them do their traditional dancing. After that there was another jazzy band and they were very enjoyable to watch. After that it was bed time.

Saturday was great! We were at the beach for a looong time and I got my tan on! Played in the Indian ocean a little bit and wrote in my journal as well. Some locals walked over and introduced themselves to us and they wanted us to go hang out with them but that never happened cause we went to a rugby match! We went to watch the local Durban teamed called the Sharks and they played the Blue Bulls. Apparently these teams are huge rivals cause the Blue Bulls beat the Sharks in the last championship game so this was a huge game and guess who won??? THE SHARKS!! It was so much fun cause I've never been to a professional rugby match before. The fans are crazy and loud which I love cause I can just join right in :) after the game we went to a couple bars called Zach's and Spiga D'oro which were a lot of fun. Jeremy, who is one of the guys in our program that has been to Durban before, invited a few of his friends with us and they were a blast. Basically everyone I have met from Durban have all been super friendly and I love it. At Spiga D'oro my roomie and I wanted to see what was going on upstairs cause they were playing some bumping tunes and it ended up being a 21st bday party but we decided to crash it anyways. We met one of the aunts of the birthday girl and she was such a sweetheart. Her and her husband love traveling to the US so they loved that we were Americans. We talked with them for a good half hour or more then went back downstairs to join our group. After a while we went home and to bed.

Sunday was a great day as well! Woke up and went to the North Coast which is by Suncoast casino and we layed out for a while, then walked on the beach towards the soccer stadium, then had a photo shoot at the stadium. Way cool. After that we went back to the BAT centre to listen to one of Jeremy's friends and her name was Vanessa Moodley. She was AMAZING! Awesome voice and great jazzy tunes. After the concert we went to Abbey's house who is one of the alumni coordinators and frosted sugar cookies! Yummy Yummy. And now I am here in the medical school writing this.

It has been an amazing week and I'm looking forward to this week!

By the way...Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela! I picked up trash at the beach for 67 minutes in your honor. You the man :)

Until next time....

Posted by mertzabby 12:26

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I think as a little side project you should write a guide to Durban nightlife. Sounds like you are getting to know the hot spots well! :)

by rmertz

It seems that you have way too much down time and you might think about getting a part-time job..hahaha

by MertzTBPM

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