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Alright this is going to be a super fast blog cause i dont have much time but this is my last week in Durban and I am so sad but super excited for CAPE TOWN!! I am going to miss my host family the most. They are so wonderful!! I will also miss the warm Durban weather and the beach. So great to be by there for 5 weeks. I wasnt able to tell you all about the Safari and Estuary boat trip I went on either! It was so fun!! Within the first 5 minutes of driving into the game park there was a giraffe about 10 ft off the road just chillin and eating some leaves...then another 10 minutes later there were two rhinos blocking the road! We had to sit and wait about another 10 or so minutes until they finally got off the road so we could pass. Not something you see everyday :) On the safari I was able to see a bunch of giraffes and also a giraffe stampede happening in the distance! They were being chased by a warthog. Then I saw a lot of zebras and was about 2 ft away from them at one point and I also saw a bunch of kudu which is like an antelope, and I also spotted water buffalo, elephants, some birds of some sort and that was about it. No lions or leopards. Leopards are extremely rare to see and my group just missed the lion spotting but we saw the aftermath of where they were. They killed a giraffe by a bridge in the game reserve and so were were able to see what was left. It was pretty gnarly! After that night we went to St. Lucia to the hippo and croc tour and as you can tell by the name we went on a boat and cruised around looking at a ton of hippos and crocs! We also saw an African Fish Eagle which was a really cool bird also. I learned a lot about hippos that day that I never knew. I never knew that hippos couldnt swim and if they wanted to go places where they had to go through deeper water first they just sink to the bottom and walk on the river floor then when they need air they push themselves back up real quick for a breath then sink back down and keep repeating that cycle til they get to where they are safe and in shallow water. Pretty cool!! I never knew that. I've also had the opportunity to hike up the arch of the Moses Mabhida soccer stadium and check out the view from up there. It was beautiful!!! We were also up there for sunset so that was really neat as well. It looks like thats the best I can do for now cause I have to get off. Thanks everyone for reading my blog so far! I hope I'm doing alright cause this is my first time! As much as I would like to keep you all up to date on everything that I do I just dont have the time cause I'm always out doing things!!! Ill hopefully write soon :)

Posted by mertzabby 12:25

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I LOOOOOOOVVVVE your updates, Abby! Keep 'em coming! It sounds like it has all been truly amazing so far, and I'm sure that you will have many more unforgettable experiences in Cape Town. Can't wait to hear about them!

by rmertz

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